Hire winter marquees in Suffolk


Hire winter marquees in Suffolk. The majority of people plan their weddings for the summer months when the skies are more likely to be blue and you can make the most of an attractive outdoor space.

However you can hire a marquee at any time of year and sometimes a winter wedding can be just as wonderful as one held in the summer months.

Marquee walls keep out the wet and windy weather and retain the heat surprisingly well. We also have large space heaters that we hire out so you can blow warm air into the marquee so its like having the heating on!

And just think when its dark and cold outside all your guests will want to stay inside the marquee and make the most of the day and evening. You won’t spend hours wandering around the marquee and large outside space looking for someone if everyone stays together in the warm.

The other plus of a winter wedding is because it gets dark so early you can make the most of the lighting and make that the talking point. We hire out chandeliers with dimmer switches and uplighters that create different colours onto the wall and roof of the marquee. The starlight linings over the dancefloor will also be more effective due to the dark outside (in the summer you don’t get to appreciate them as much as it stays light until 10pm). You could also have a lovely walkway leading up to the marquee with lots of pretty outdoor lights or decorate trees with twinkling fairy lights.

The catering area can be added onto the back of the main marquee so your caterers have direct access. You can add a walkway to take you to the toilets so nobody has to go out into the cold and you could even add a separate area onto the main marquee if you wanted to have a separate bar/chill out/sofa area.

The choices are endless so never let winter put you off.

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